Brand Commerce

Brand Commerce

Break down the barriers between inspiration and transaction with Brand Commerce

The gap between brand experiences and retail experiences was once immense. The Internet has closed that gap, bringing points of inspiration and points of transaction ever closer together. The integration of transaction into brand storytelling creates new and immense opportunities. We call this Brand Commerce.

With technology, brands can close the gap between inspiration and transaction to deliver seamless, delightful and secure shopping experiences at any point in the user journey. Together with our partner, Isobar, we can deliver Brand Commerce – from narrative development and commerce strategy, to technology implementation and continual optimisation – to drive game-changing innovation and measurable business results.

What we do

Brand narrative

Brand narrative

Use a compelling story to engage your customers. We'll work with you to develop a narrative that represents your core brand values, reflects the depth of your relationship with your customers and - uniquely - puts consumers on the path to purchase.
customer journey mapping

Journey mapping

Design your ideal consumer experience. Our experienced consultants will take you through our proven framework to help you define the path to purchase in the context of Brand Commerce.


Develop a innovative proposition. Our team will work with you to create the right products or services to combine your brand narrative while meeting your customers' needs.

Technology strategy

Underpin your strategy with a clear technology plan. In line with your strategy, our solution strategists will undertake an audit to identify functional gaps in your existing set-up, as well as recommending a technology roadmap including a total cost of ownership analysis.

Business case

Be confident of a strong return on investment (ROI). With your Brand Commerce and technology strategy mapped out, our consultants will work with you to build a business case that showcases ROI potential.

Technology implementation

Launch your proposition quickly. Our team of technical experts will work with you using our smart methodology and agile approach to rapidly bring your proposition to market.

Support & monitoring

Rely on us to manage the technology. We provide world-class, 24/7 technical and troubleshooting support. Our proactive monitoring means that any issues are caught early - reducing overhead costs on in-house technical support.

Trading optimisation

Increase sales every month, every year. Our retail team will work with you to continually improve performance – whether the answer is a UX refresh, merchandising support, training or insight from analytics.