Retail eCommerce Week Round-up

Retail eCommerce Week at eCommera Pune

Cassie Perry
Retail Services Associate

Cassie is an associate on our Retail Services team where she delivers projects for leading clients such as House of Fraser, Bata, Jaeger, AW LAB and Disney.

Our designate reviewer, Cassie regularly conducts in depth reviews of new retail technologies as well as new retail services.

A brief overview on our internal development initiative plus news of our innovation competition winners.

Well what a great end to a fantastic year at eCommera India! 

We closed 2016 with Retail eCommerce Week – an event that provided our colleagues in Pune with a deeper understanding of the global eCommerce landscape.

Pune is home to one of eCommera’s two offshore development operations - and a team of over 100 engineers, support representatives and other key employees. Working closely with the teams in London and Sofia, our colleagues in Pune develop best-in-class eCommerce solutions for our clients.

The intent behind Retail eCommerce Week was to provide the Pune teams with a broader understanding of eCommerce, so they can obtain the ‘retail eCommerce’ knowledge to complement their expertise with the ‘technicalities of eCommerce’ – thus providing the teams with the ‘why’ to ‘what’ they do in their working lives. To do this, we ran a series of highly engaging and interactive training sessions, covering;

  • Why eCommerce is important, its history and benefits
  • The role of eCommerce in traditional commerce
  • The global growth of eCommerce and the rise of the digital consumer
  • Designing an online customer journey that will encourage customers to keep coming back


eCommerce in India is growing at an unprecedented rate - driven by a combination of economical, technological and social influences – and so the prevalence of such topics comes at an exciting time.

“It [the workshop] was very informative, very well presented, plus enjoyable. I have learned so much from your training that will assist me in my workplace”

In addition to the sessions, our colleagues got involved with quizzes and also had the opportunity to try out some virtual reality headsets – using the VR headsets facilitated creative thinking for the innovation competition.


The Targareyans worked hard into the night to produce the conceptThe innovation competition was launched as an initiative to challenge our colleagues and get them thinking about the broader spectrum of eCommerce, with a focus on innovation and creating an immersive, yet effortless experience.
For the competition, entrants worked in teams to come up with an innovative way to use virtual reality headsets to enhance the customer experience.

There was a clear stand-out entry from ‘The Targareyans,’ who put in a tremendous effort to pull together, and even demo, their Makeup Goddess concept.

Makeup Goddess was designed as a virtual make-up application solution, that solves the issues of many women today - “I want to try new makeup looks but I don’t want to spend hours physically trying out products or having to purchase them, only to realise they’re unsuitable. Makeup Goddess was designed to solve just that by enabling makeup to be selected and instantly applied to the user’s face in a live view. The solution follows the movement and angles of the face, allowing the user to see what the make-up would look like from any perspective. At the same time, the user can add any make-up products to the cart.

The combined intellectual powers of Mazher Mahmood, Salil Shukla, Rahim Naikwade, Vikas Mangal and Sayali Kalaskar saw them shoot to victory and be crowned winners of our innovation competition.


Please do take a moment to view their promotional video that was filmed and edited in an evening;

The Targareyans' promotional video


Retail Commerce Week was a huge success giving the team in Pune a broader perspective on eCommerce, as well as a better understanding of the process and thinking that goes on at the business end. This was also a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge across the teams and keep up with the many developments in the eCommerce landscape.

This initiative is part of eCommera’s ongoing efforts to empower our people with diverse skills and knowledge, which we believe is essential in helping our customers drive their commerce operation to the next level.