Customer acquisition & retention

Customer acquisition & retention

Understand the science of online growth; spend your budget more efficiently

In the early days of eCommerce, it was easy to grow. However, as the market matures, achieving similar growth rates is becoming increasingly difficult. We have developed a data model that takes away the guesswork. It uses your data to determine customer acquisition and repeat purchase patterns, as well as the number of loyal customers. From this, we can determine what growth you can expect given varying levels of marketing investment, as well as providing you with recommendations to reduce time to loyalty and increase repeat purchase rates. We have run this model for dozens of retailers to help them make a business case for additional marketing investment or to spend existing budget more efficiently.

Why choose us

Customer acquisition

Understand how many new customers you need to acquire. Our model uses your historic data to calculate the expected revenue from new versus existing customers, to tell you how many new customers you need, and how much you should spend acquiring them in order to grow.

Repeat purchase

Chart the dynamics of customer repeat purchase. With our data model you will understand how many newly acquired customers return; we can also help to determine how you can improve this important KPI.

Time to loyalty

Understand how many purchases it takes before a customer is ‘loyal’. Based on your data, we’ll chart the path to loyalty among your existing base and make recommendations on how you can reduce the transition from trialist to loyalist.
Marketing investment

Marketing investment

Learn the value of your investment. We will run several scenarios for you to determine what level of growth you can expect with different levels of marketing investment.

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