Digital customer acquisition

Digital customer acquisition

Help new customers find you more easily with a comprehensive customer acquisition strategy

B2B buyers’ shopping habits are shifting, and your customers – and potential customers - are leveraging a growing number of digital channels to research and buy products and services. Not only that, but increasingly sophisticated B2C eCommerce experiences are driving up B2B buyers’ expectations, with 49% of B2B buyers stating that they prefer making work-related purchases on B2C websites. As a result, traditional sales engagement models are having to adapt rapidly, with the key challenge being to ensure you are easy to find and that you make the research and buying process simple. We have developed a framework to help you build a customer acquisition strategy that addresses this challenge, covering everything from buyer profiling to technology implementation and KPIs.

What we do

Buyer profiling

Get a deep understanding of your potential customers. We will conduct in-depth research – including customer and prospect interviews – to determine buyer personas, including motivations, shopping preferences and pain points.

Customer journey mapping

Design the ideal customer journey. Our team will carry out funnel analysis, as well as a thorough UX review and user testing, to help you map out the ideal journey for each of your buyer personas.

Content strategy

Build a content strategy that converts browsers into buyers. Learn how to use content to help prospects make a purchasing decision, including product data, buying guides, case studies, blogs, email marketing, offline marketing, and more.

Channel strategy

Understand which channels you should use to most effectively acquire and retain customers – including an analysis of current channel performance and a digital acquisition strategy that utilises a variety of channels, such as PPC, social, email, affiliate and referral.

Technology strategy & implementation

Build out a technology roadmap to support your business plan. We appraise your current systems and set-up to ensure you have the right technology in place to offer the kind of experience that will attract, convert and retain customers.

Retention dynamics

Understand how many of your newly acquired customers will become loyal. We analyse current buying behaviours, to provide you with specific recommendations on how to improve your retention and repeat purchase rates.

KPI development & optimisation

Develop KPIs to ensure you are measuring the right things and on a path of continual improvement. We will help you to build a core set of KPIs, as well as delivering functional dashboards for different business units and providing training.

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