International strategy

International strategy

Global eCommerce sales continue to rise at a rapid rate – largely driven by emerging markets. Are you ready to take advantage?

While the opportunity is undeniable, international commerce is complicated. Every market has its own challenges, from differing consumer expectations to tax and duty laws to the complexity of managing global fulfilment and returns. eCommera has helped 25 brands take advantage of the growing global marketplace. We know the ins and outs of operating in markets including China, Brazil, Russia, the US and across Europe and can help you put together and deliver a solid business plan, defining your strategy, processes, organisational structure and technology requirements. With our help you will minimise the risk of expansion and realise profit from your investment faster.

What we do

Business planning

Build a plan for expansion. Our team will put together a comprehensive operational plan for new market entry. The plan will cover all of the elements critical to success, including a P&L, resourcing requirements, technology requirements and localisation recommendations.

Market analysis

Understand which markets represent the biggest opportunity for your business. Our retail specialists will conduct a comprehensive market review to help you decide where to expand first based on the potential risks and rewards of each market.
Process review

Process review

Balance global efficiency with local flexibility. Our comprehensive framework will help you to understand how your processes, including fraud check, fulfilment and returns, need to be adapted to support additional markets.

Organisational structure

Put the right people in the right places. We can help you understand what can be run centrally to drive business efficiency versus what needs to be run locally to support individual market requirements.

Technology selection

Get the right tools for success. We will help you assess if your current technology set-up is sufficient to support your international goals. If new technology is required, we will help you in evaluating the options.

Local partner recommendation

Work with local experts. With experience in over 30 markets, we can identify and recommend partners to help you with everything from fulfilment to social media to marketing.
Technology implementation

Technology implementation

Launch your new services quickly. Our team of technical experts will work with you to deploy new technology, ensuring full integration with existing systems to deliver a consistent cross-channel experience.

Site monitoring & support

Rely on us to manage the technology. We provide world-class, 24/7 technical and troubleshooting support. Our proactive monitoring means that any issues are caught early - reducing overhead costs on in-house technical support.

Thinking global?

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