7 steps to acquire B2B customers online

7 steps to acquire B2B customers online

In a digital world, B2B buying decisions are becoming increasingly complex.

Whilst face-to-face interaction, such as through meetings with sales representatives or attendance at industry shows, is undoubtedly still important, today's B2B buyers are leveraging an increasing number of digital channels to research and buy products and services, with 89% using the internet during the B2B research process.

Potential customers are out there looking for products like yours. They might be following a group on LinkedIn, seeking advice on Twitter, or using Google to research. If you haven’t built a long-term strategy for acquiring new customers, taking into account everything from buyer profiling to customer journey mapping, to how to use technology to support your customers through the buying process, you are surely missing opportunities to convert new customers and grow your business.

In this eBook, we offer 7 tips to help you acquire customers online – from how to map your customer journey to how to build an effective channel strategy to how to design a content strategy for B2B customer acquisition.


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