8 things B2B organisations can learn from B2C eCommerce

8 things B2B organisations can learn from B2C eCommerce

With the global B2B eCommerce market set to hit US$6.7 trillion (£4.3 trillion) in sales by 2020, B2B will dwarf its B2C cousin (forecast to reach US$3.2 trillion (£2.1 trillion) in worldwide sales in the same period).

However eCommerce is first and foremost a B2C discipline. B2C has benefitted from a 15-year head start, during which many valuable lessons have been learned and best practices codified. B2B organisations stand to benefit greatly from the B2C sector’s relative maturity and experience.

Increasingly sophisticated B2C eCommerce experiences are driving up B2B buyers’ expectations. And with 49% of B2B buyers stating that they prefer making work-related purchases on B2Cwebsites, B2B organisations must learn quickly from their B2C counterparts, to offer customers a user-friendly online shopping experience. For those B2B businesses that get itright, there are rich rewards in store – including increased revenue, a wider reach, improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, to name a few.

In this eBook we look at the lessons B2B organisations can take from the B2C sector when it comes to eCommerce, including:

  • How to use and optimise the full digital marketing mix
  • How to develop a mobile strategy
  • How to merchandise online
  • How to get the most out of your customer data
  • How to recognise and reward your most loyal customers