Exploring markets: The USA

Exploring markets: The USA

The US market can be seen as an obvious opportunity for UK brands and retailers when expanding globally, given the common language, economic ties and the maturity of eCommerce. However, entering this huge market is not without challenges due to the country's geographical and cultural differences and its increasingly competitive retail landscape.

We’ve conducted a mini poll of 100 US consumers who had made a purchase from a British retail in the past 12 months to get the scoop on their expectations when shopping with the Brits.

We then compared this against 40 UK retailers who have a US presence to find out how well they were serving these expectations. Here is a digest of the findings.


Click and collect is not vital …. yet

Preferred delivery option in the USA














The majority (72.2%) of those surveyed indicated a preference for home delivery.

Alternative delivery methods, such as click and collect, are growing in popularity in the US – although the majority of UK retailers present in the market have yet to offer this service (see table below).


US shoppers are happy to pay for delivery 

Delivery - What's important for you?













When asked what the most important criteria was when considering delivery, cost came first for 50% of the respondents. However, consumers then contradicted themselves when asked how much they were willing to pay for delivery when buying from a UK retailer, with 43.5% saying they would pay between $5-10 and 15% willing to pay more than $10.

On the retailer’s side, 21% offer delivery for under $5, 23.5% between $6 and $10, and $29 above $10. 26.5% offer free shipping with no minimum order.


Unsurprisingly, currency is non-negotiable for US consumers.

The majority of US shoppers were not willing to pay in British Pounds when shopping on a British retailer site. The currency is not the only element to consider. They also find it very important that items are offered in their own language - American English and sizes. Yet, 10.5% of the retailers don’t use US dollars on their site, and more than 18% don’t have a fully localised website. 

US shoppers are unlikely to pay in £














UK retailers with a US presence

If you’d like some advice on how you can optimise eCommerce for the US market, download our 10-step guide to building an operational plan or contact us.