How to be a disruptor: Part 4 - Robotics-as-a-service

How to be a disruptor: Part 4 - Robotics-as-a-service

Robots have long played a starring role in science fiction films; however their role today is evolving throughout the retail value chain - in both physical and digital retail.

As technological advancements continue and costs drop, how can brands and retailers take advantage of robotics to enhance the customer experience?

In the fourth and final instalment in our "How to be a disruptor" eBook series, uncover examples and inspiration to help get you started. Download our latest eBook to find out:

  • What robotics mean for brands and retailers
  • The benefits of leveraging robotics to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience
  • Which brands and retailers are doing it well
  • How to kick-start your company's own innovation journey


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