How not to compromise on customer experience

How not to compromise on customer experience

42% of European fashion retailers believe their current technology stack is inhibiting growth*


With Amazon now offering delivery within one hour in some cities through its Prime Now service, consumers have never had it so good. And whilst shoppers don’t necessarily expect the same level of convenience from every retailer they buy from, customer expectations are certainly changing faster than ever - throughout the shopping experience.

Whether that means adding ever-faster delivery options, taking a mobile-first approach, or integrating the latest third-party functionalities, retailers are under increasing pressure to keep up. Technology is often seen as a key enabler in meeting these growing expectations, allowing retailers to deliver a great customer experience. But in reality, technology can easily become a blocker when it doesn’t deliver on its promise


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*According to a recent survey of 500 European retailers by eCommera and independent research agency Coleman Parkes.