Making money at omni-channel: How NOT to do reserve and collect

How NOT to do reserve and collect

Argos was one of the pioneers of reserve and collect – which it calls “check and reserve” – and the service has since grown to be one of its most significant channels, accounting for more than a third of total sales. Whilst Argos’ business model perhaps lends itself more to reserve and collect than others’, it has worked - and can work - well for other retailers too.

Nevertheless, there are also risks, primarily because there is a cost involved in fulfilling reserve and collect orders that the customer hasn’t even committed to purchasing. Retailers must therefore balance the potential benefits against the cost, in order to safeguard an ROI.

In this article, part of our ‘Making money at omni-channel’ series, we explore:

  • The benefits of offering reserve and collect
  • What NOT to do when it comes to:
    • Service proposition
    • Programme design
    • Customer communications
    • Staff training
    • Technology
    • KPIs.