Online fitting tools

Online fitting tools

Product returns are a major problem for apparel retailers. Returns cost the retailer money – so retailers must balance the cost of returns against the cost of not having a competitive returns proposition. Over the last few years, tech entrepreneurs have picked up on this problem and developed innovative solutions that aim at reducing the need to return an item in the first place – virtual fitting tools. 

The inventors claim that in addition to reducing returns, virtual fitting room tools can increase conversion by giving customers the confidence that an item of clothing will fit them. There are a number of solutions out there. To help you decide if they are right for you we’ve investigated the most popular amongst them. 

There are 3 types of virtual fitting tools: 

  • Size advice: Customer measurements are matched to garment size guide in order to provide individual size recommendations for each product
  • Virtual model and size advice : Garments are shown on a virtual model that is generated based on the user’s measurements
  • Garment dimensions comparison: Product dimensions are compared to a garment the customer already owns 

Please download the full article to find the comparison charts on fitting tools and examples.