B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce

Build a plan for digital and offer your customers a world-class online experience

B2B buyers are increasingly researching and shopping online. At the same time, increasingly sophisticated B2C eCommerce experiences are driving up B2B buyers’ expectations. And with 49% of B2B buyers stating that they prefer making work-related purchases on B2C websites, B2B organisations must adapt quickly, to offer customers a superior online shopping experience. Our team can help you build a plan for digital. We'll help you devise an eCommerce strategy that considers everything from organisational change, to technology selection, to how to adapt processes and, importantly, how to measure success.

How we help

Business proposition

Translate your business proposition to the digital environment. Our team will work with you to define how digital channels fit within your customer value proposition so that you can offer an enhanced shopping experience.

Process definition

Design efficient processes. We will help you adapt your existing processes to incorporate digital channels - from ordering to fulfilment to customer service.

Organisational structure

Make the best use of your resources. We will help you to define and communicate your organisational structure in the context of eCommerce - to empower your teams to spend their time on the activities that drive the most value for the business.

Technology selection

Get the right tools for success. We will help you assess what technology you need and evaluate the options, so that you can enable an efficient eCommerce operation that delivers a great customer experience.

Technology implementation

Launch your new services quickly. Our team of technical experts will work with you to deploy new technology, ensuring full integration with existing systems, to deliver a consistent cross-channel experience.

24/7 support & monitoring

Rely on us to manage the technology. We provide world-class, 24/7 technical and troubleshooting support. Our proactive monitoring means that any issues are caught early - reducing overhead costs on in-house technical support.

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